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  Cixi Kangfei electronic Co.,LTD.is specialized in producing all types of cable connectors and terminal blocks manufactures.The company is committed to product research and development,after years of efforts,Kangfei Electronic has a wealth of Terminal manufacturing experience,a full range of professional production equipment,strict quality control procedures,improve the sales network of foreigh trade,a wide range of product applications enable companies to get rapid development,Ieads the field,as Asia's major supplier of wiring terminal blocks.Its products are widely used in communicatons equipment, instrumentation computers,program-controlled machine,alarm,lighting,elevator controller,automatic control systems,household appliances and other fields.

  Kangfei Electronic strong techical force,complete varieties,excellent quality,the company has research and development centers,mold manufacturing,injection molding,metal processing and assembling finished products and other departments,the use of international advances management methods and advanced production CAD/CAM and processing center,a number of automated production technolgy and equipment,and constantly developed with diversified,forward-looling and leading market new products.


  KangFei Electronic's main products are:Euro Terminal Blocks;Pluggable Terminal Blocks;Barrier Terminal Blocks;PCB Termina Blocks;Screwless Terminal Blocks;Fuse Terminal Blocks;penetrating type terminal;American,Japanese Terminal Block;Pin;seat;Switch,Buttons and other types of connectors.


  "KangFei Electronic" Adhere to the people-oriented,technology and development,quality and market.Our vision is:to be the leading domestic,the world famous electronic components suppliers.Is willing to work with clients at home and abroad to pull together in times of trouble,to join hands in creating a brilliant tomorrow.

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